A woman made a prom dress out of trash bags

Beauty vlogger Amber Scholl got creative with trash bags to make a surprisingly beautiful prom dress that looks like it's embellished with roses. Scholl shared a video of her DIY dress on YouTube that has since gone viral.

In an email with INSIDER, Scholl explained that the concept for the dress actually started as a joke.

"My subscribers are always commenting that 'I could probably rock a trash bag and make it look good,' so I thought I would take it literally and see if I could do it," she told us. Though it started as a joke, Scholl said that she loves the dress so much she would consider wearing it in real life.

To make the dress, Scholl started by rounding up the necessary supplies: a box of large black trash bags, a plain black bodysuit, a sheer tulle skirt, and a few basic supplies like scissors, tape, and glue. She said that conceptualizing the design of the trash bag dress was the most difficult part of the project, because she wanted it to look like "real fashion" — not a trash bag.

To bring her rose-inspired gown to life, Scholl first stretched out the trash bags and cut them it into long homecoming dresses pieces. She then coiled them into knotted balls that resembled roses. She secured each faux flower with black scotch tape and repeated this process until she had enough to cover the entire front of the bodysuit.

Using E-6000 glue, Scholl attached her collection of "roses" to the garment and its straps. This process took six hours, but she said she thinks it was worth the time. "I spent almost three hours just sitting around trying different things seeing what I could come up with until I finally thought of the rose idea," she said.

Once the bodice was completely texturized with an elaborate layer of trash bags, Scholl moved onto the skirt. She created more rose balls using larger pieces of the trash bags, which she layered across the bottom of her tulle in a zig-zag pattern. and we ombreprom online for this prom dresses, so why not have a look in our center?