Long Prom Dress: How to Choose The Ideal Look For a Gala Evening

Long Prom Dress: How to Choose The Ideal Look For a Gala Evening

Even if you are not the main character of the event, being dressed according to the occasion is also a way to honor the host of the party. For gala parties or black tie, long dress is necessary and it is valid if you dedicate yourself in choosing the ideal model, because it will be dates remembered forever and recorded in photos. One piece dress is the main piece of a glamorous look, it should be worn according to the occasion and, if well chosen, will enhance your body.

We prepare the content below to help you choose the long dress for each occasion and also tips to adapt it to your body.

Long dresses for prom

Graduation, whether it be high school or college, is always a defining moment in a young person's life. The formanda always has a prominent position in the event and the atmosphere of relaxation of the party allows greater daring in the choice of the model.

Embroidery, transparencies, necklines and slits can be used as long as this information is combined and well distributed. Carol and Adriana stress the need to evaluate the comfort that the model chosen offers, so that the formanda is at ease to enjoy the party and dance a lot.

Long dresses for bridesmaids

In choosing a godmother dress, it is valid to opt for something more luxurious, but that does not overshadow the bride who should be the highlight of the party. A lot of attention and common sense is required in choosing the color of the dress, as it should not be too light or white.

According to the consultants, some brides determine that all bridesmaids wear the same color on the dresses or that each one uses a specific color, so it is advisable to consult the bride in advance to not disclose the other bridesmaids or be out of context.

Long Party Dresses

Generally, the general party guests can bet on a short dress. But if the dress code determines the gala dress or black tie, it should be respected and women should wear long dresses.

The fashion consultants advise that the guest should analyze the time, place and style of the event, so that the look is suitable for the party. In these situations, simple and plain dresses can be enhanced by glamorous accessories, such as those that take pedraria or pearls.

Long Chiffon Dresses

As the consultants themselves advise on the choice of long dress, there are no specific rules to follow for those who are overweight. At this moment, self-knowledge is fundamental to the assembly of a successful look.

It is necessary to know and analyze the whole body and the proportions to know the high points that must be valued and those that can be hidden or disguised. Dresses made of fluffy fabrics with a good fit give the impression of a more elongated and longer body.

Long dresses for Petite

The short stature can not be seen as a limiter when choosing a look for a gala event. Dresses that fit more tightly to the body and without volume create a feeling of stretching and leave the image slimmer.

OmbreProm suggestion: one of the tricks is to measure the length of the dress with the heel shoes, so that the length is correct and covering the feet. Other tactics are the use of prints or vertical embroidery, without breaking the color and also the deep necklines, with the neckline V, for example.