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3 distinctive Homecoming Hair by Ombreprom

After a summer spent bare-faced and bronzing within the sun, you may be longing for an evening of some tastelessness and glam.  We’re obvs not bearing on promenade simply however, however one thing that’s right round the corner: homecoming!  Begin the college year on an elegant note in a very vogue that appears and feels all you! whether or not you’ve already scooped up a dress supported your budget or favorite musical genre, we’re continually here to supply additional inspiration.  Still haven’t found a ombre prom dress?  No worries; we tend to rounded up three new faves with the hair and makeup to match.

Oh my posh! whereas the statement sleeves area unit super stylish right away, add even additional drama to the present easy black silhouette with associate degree out-to-there cat-eye.  Next, swipe on soft pink gloss with slightly of blush to balance dark eye makeup.  For the grand finale, pile hair on prime of your head in a very absolutely untidy bun-then head out the door to indicate off your look, stat.

Go into the wildflowers for this funky look!  Complement a flirty floral party dress with cascading curls and distinctive teal shadow.  Matching teal tips pack an additional punch, whereas a flower pink gloss balances out this fresh-picked look.  Selfie time!

An elegant night awaits this layer party dress!  Keep hair off your face with a sweeping updo that accentuates blush eyes and lips. an imposing finishing touch?  Sparkling lighting fixture earrings!  It’s official: the queen has arrived. Get more details in now...well, come on!