Basketball players skipping promenade to contend

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Prom is nearly associate inviolable highschool right at this time. At the terribly least, it’s definitely a revered and expected ceremony of passage. currently one Georgia women team are going to be skipping out on their own in pursuit of a bigger reward: A GEICO Nationals title.

As reported  by ESPNW, the Westlake (Ga.) women team has in agreement to satisfy their invite to the GEICO Nationals tournament (it was antecedently referred to as the DICK’s Nationals). The sheer invite alone is associate honor, of course, however reaching to the promenade goes to the promenade.

Those area unit the 2 things (prom and sunsets)that area unit scheduled  to come back into conflict for Westlake, however no a lot of. On weekday the team told ESPNW it absolutely was fully committed to taking part in within the big apple town tournament, in spite of sacrifice.

“A ton of my women area unit returning homecoming dresses, however no one flinched,” Westlake coach Hilda Hankerson told ESPNW. “This is that the initial time the promenade has been command thus early. however nobody aforesaid they couldn’t head to big apple. All the ladies and their oldsters were aboard.”

“We will forever dress up all over again,” Warren told the straining loya Westlake team is hierarchic fifteenth within the espnW twenty five Power Rankings, 3 spots higher than Central natural depression (27-0). “We area unit dedicated to basketball.”

Dedicated to basketball with each probability of holding a national trophy in a very matter of weeks, senior promenade be damned. Getting more news here by now..well done!