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Local lady Holds Free promenade Dress

It's several highschool students' favorite time of the year, prom.

A local lady found that too several formal dresses area unit simply sitting in our closets gathering dirt.

If you are within the marketplace for a dress, you will not have to be compelled to pay a cent.

You may bring it to mind am passionate about it were yesterday.

"Having your image taken, and therefore the dance, and it's concerning the dress too," Brenda Grimm, Prom Dress for fewer organizer, said.

Chances area unit, you've got associate previous dress, whether or not it's from promenade or a marriage, that is simply sitting in your closet.

"Why cannot we tend to simply gather all of those dresses up and really have associate exchange?" she aforementioned.

The organizer says there isn't any reason to pay a fortune, or maybe a cent on a dress.

"Use your cash for books or getting ready for faculty," she said.

This weekday, anyone needing a dress is invited to participate within the free dress exchange. Grimm aforementioned she already has concerning seventy dresses offered.

Dresses of each size are going to be offered to teens for free; albeit you do not have one to swap.    

Jewelry, shoes, and different accessories are going to be offered too,

"For anyone WHO wants a assist. It's nice to be able to try this for all the Bay County youngsters," Grimm aforementioned.

Anyone is inspired to bring accessories, shoes, and dresses to assist Bay County's young ladies realize the right robes.

The exchange are going to be control at the VFW on Sherman avenue (2136 Sherman Ave, Panama City) this weekday from nine a.m. to 12 p.m.

If you cannot build it however still need to assist the cause, you'll build a dress or financial donation at the VFW any time in the week.

Monetary donations can purchase additional dresses for our students. and more of these divided by online center welcome!