The trends of wedding dress

The trends of wedding dress

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Although the 2018 wedding fashion trend has already been flying, but I do not know which one is really included in your consideration? Maybe some of you who choose phobia, it is hard to say which one is your favorite? Fortunately, you still have me! The wedding dress is so right! Your wedding is yours, it is romantic and tender, simple and modern, retro classic, or sexy temptation... just start from this wedding dress.

NO.1 flowers also play 3D

Beautiful brides and flowers that always represent beautiful and beautiful are always inseparable. The use of flowers in wedding dresses and prom dresses is also very frequent, and it is not difficult to have flowers. What is difficult is how to make new flowers. 3D stereoscopic flowers are becoming more and more common with the use of new fabrics and new technologies in the fashion industry. Exquisite three-dimensional decoration can give the wedding alive.

Different materials can be used in the production. For example, the mesh can also stretch the three-dimensional flowers layer by layer; or the grosgrain and gauze fabrics matched with the wedding dress are good choices. Designers will use a gradual approach to make these plausible flowers "drop" from intensive to scattered on the wedding dress, which is very rich in the overall layering.

NO.2 Wonderland color

The white wedding dress is holy and pure, but the 2018 wedding theme will no longer be limited to white. The brides can choose more rich pastel colors according to their skin color and favorite styles. Deep champagne, light champagne, bare powder, gray blue... These low-saturation pastel wedding dresses can enhance your fairy temperament quietly. The faint beauty is not inferior to the romance of the white wedding dress, it will definitely make people shine.
Or, as an after party dance, toasting dress is also a good choice.

NO.3 simple and modern feeling

Simple modernity is a style that modern urban women admire, and simple is best never outdated. This year's wedding dresses also have many designs that emphasize the simple and modern sense. Most of them have no decorative embellishments. The excellent materials and silhouettes support the entire gas field. It is worth mentioning that the simple and modern feeling seems to be more perfect with the silky and smooth material such as grosgrain. The fabric wrapped in the natural curve of the body is elegant and unparalleled.

Brides who love minimalist style strongly recommend this type of design. Hanging on a hanger may be ordinary, but when you wear it, you will find that this difference is really amazing.

I don't know which style touched you? It is impossible to have a trend in a wedding contract, but as long as you are sure that you are the most loved one, you are the most beautiful bride...