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Where To Buy Identical Dresses For Bridesmaids And Who Should Pay For Them

The formation of bridesmaids in similar or identical dresses is able to decorate every bride and any wedding. However, it is not easy to organize this stylish glory. First of all, not all girlfriends will agree to choose their own dresses for them. Second, you must know where to get the same dresses in five or six different sizes. The third most important, but also a delicate question: Who will pay for the purchase of these bridesmaid dresses?

identical dresses for bridesmaids

Where to get a dress

Of course, you can try to find a bridesmaid dress in a regular shop. If you only have two or three girlfriends, this option is valid. Finding more dresses in retail stores will be problematic. It's easier to do this in large online stores. But in this case, there is a risk that the size will not be guessed.

In this case, the most reliable choice for purchase is to custom made dresses online. Before that, you need to choose the color and style of the dress. Colors are all very simple - in general, girlfriends are dressed in a dress of this color, which was chosen as the main color at the wedding. In some cases, dresses are made in different colors, but they still need to unite something.

The dress style is best left to your girlfriend's choice, do not insist they are all in the same costume. Each girl is independent, independent and not suitable for others. Your girlfriend should be able to sew such clothes to decorate them. Of course, it does not rule out that you will choose a clothing model to attract everyone. If on you, the result is, consider this already happening.

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Who pays for bridesmaid dress

When you provide them with this role, this problem may become one of the first problems in all girlfriends. But not everyone dared to ask him immediately, although he was of course very important. There are several ways to solve this situation.

In the United States, girlfriends are accepted for their dress bills. The bride can only say what color her wedding will be. Only dress is very, very expensive, and when she wants, the bride can pay for some dress. In Europe, the bride pays for her friend's dress. In Russia, the bride’s desire to see her girlfriend in the same dress is often considered to be on a whim or arbitrary. Paying for this infinite problem is solved in different ways.

For example, the bride can pay for the fabric of the dress and tailor the girlfriend for them. After all, these dresses still remain with them after the wedding. Some girlfriends themselves agree to buy a dress because they are ready to buy new dress for the wedding. Sometimes the bride will deal with his girlfriend like this: They sew their own clothes, but they don't have gifts. The most important thing here is that the price of these clothes is not much more than the number of girls wanting to bring the bridegroom to the wedding. Of course, the bride can still choose to pay for the girlfriend's order, and the bridegroom can.

In general, it is not so easy to wear your friend in the same wedding dress. However, if you really want to do this, you have certain material resources, and you know how to negotiate, then everything will come out. Subscribe to OmbreProm, here you can find the cheap bridesmaid dresses and free custom made for whatever you like!