Tips for choosing a wedding veil

Tips for choosing a wedding veil

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In the bride's styling, the wedding veil is magical. It can be light and delicate, elegant and solemn, or half-masked as a dream, choose a veil that suits you, and let the magic of the veil be injected into the wedding.

  1. Veil length selection
       The length of the veil can be divided into long, medium and short. The long veil is grand, the mid-length veil is elegant, and the short veil is cute. The length of the veil should be chosen to match the wedding dresses. The general principle is that “the long yarn of the coat should be long and the short yarn is long”.

  When choosing a wedding dress , it is extravagant to use a long mop to spread on the back. Choose a long-tailed wedding dress the length of the veil is best not to over the waist. Because the decorative focus of long tailed wedding dresses is generally below the waist and hips, too long veil will cover the decorations. Generally speaking, the double-layered veil has a small face, and the single-layer veil can modify the figure.

  2. The choice of veil style should be combined with the bride's face.

         When the bride's face is a goose egg type, you can choose any veil. Because this face is perfect, you can control any veil, just pay attention to the matching of the veil and the wedding style.
When the bride's face is round, he should choose a veil that pours down from both sides of the cheek, such as the Mandala type, which can play a certain occlusion and modification on the face, which can make the bride's face look even more.
When the bride's face is a long face, you can choose a waterfall veil, such as a waltz veil. Wearing the veil at the top of the head and spreading the veil like a waterfall can make the face look wider.

       Wear the most suitable wedding veil be the most beautiful bride, marry the most loved one.