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Which Would You Choose: Buying, Renting or Custom Ordering Prom Dresses?

Prom party dresses are for specific occasions and not very frequent, so it is common not to find many options in the wardrobe. At this moment the doubts arise between buying, renting or ordering tailor made for a seamstress. Which would you choose?

In making decisions, factors such as the importance of the event, its personality, but also the budget must be taken into account. See below advantages, disadvantages and comparisons to help you choose the ideal dresses:

red off-shoulder long prom dress


The main advantage of getting a dress is to be able to prove it before the final decision, and also be able to coordinate it with shoes or accessories that you already have. This alternative prevents frustration, but buying requires more investment. One way to recoup the "loss" in the future is to rent the dress or resell it.


Just like in the purchase, in the rent there is the advantage of seeing the dress on the body before closing the lease. However, the dress will usually be worn earlier and will need some adjustments. It is valid to compare the rent and purchase investment, keeping in mind that the rented dress will be used only once and returned to the store.

Custom ordering:

Among women, it is common to want dresses worn by the celebrities, but it is not always possible to have access to these prom dresses. The alternative to fulfill this desire is to order it for a seamstress so that it is tailor-made. The high point of this decision is to have a replica of the model so desired, however you need to be aware that the dress will not look exactly like the one used as a reference.

No matter which method you choose, OmbreProm wish you to have the perfect prom dress and have an unforgettable party night!